Apple iPad Price in India

Planning to buy an Apple iPad and want to know its price in India? The Cupertino giant and the world leader in mobile computing, Apple has over 80 models of iPad to chose from at various price range. And, at, we help you with latest prices of Apple iPad from best online shopping sites and local Apple stores in India - so that you can buy your iPad at lowest price.

Note: Apple iPad Price list in India (below) for all the models was recently updated on 27th June, 2017.
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Apple iPad Price in India
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Apple iPad Models and their Price

Apple iPad Air 2 64 GB (Grey) Wifi
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 35,335 (Rs. 38,900)


EMI: Rs. 3156 / month
Apple iPad Air 2 128 GB (Grey) Wifi
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 38,109 (Rs. 39,900)


EMI: Rs. 3403 / month
Apple iPad Air 16 GB (Silver) Wifi + Cellular
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 33,499


EMI: Rs. 2992 / month
Apple iPad Air 2 16 GB (Silver) Wifi
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 36,300 (Rs. 41,900)


EMI: Rs. 3242 / month
Apple iPad Air 2 64 GB (Gold) Wifi
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 34,890 (Rs. 38,900)


EMI: Rs. 3116 / month
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 256GB Wifi (Silver)
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 65,000


Apple iPad Air 2 128 GB (Gold) Wifi + Cellular
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 48,000 (Rs. 49,900)


EMI: Rs. 4287 / month
Apple iPad Air 128 GB (Silver) Wifi
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 58,999 (Rs. 65,920)


EMI: Rs. 2860 / month
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 32GB Wifi + Cellular (Rose Gold)
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 59,000 (Rs. 61,900)


EMI: Rs. 5269 / month
Apple iPad Air 2 128 GB (Silver) Wifi + Cellular
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 49,900 (Rs. 49,900)


EMI: Rs. 4456 / month
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 32GB Wifi (Gold)
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 65,900 (Rs. 67,900)


EMI: Rs. 5886 / month
Apple iPad Air 16 GB (Grey) Wifi + Cellular
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 40,900 (Rs. 41,900)


EMI: Rs. 3653 / month
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 128GB Wifi + Cellular (Gold)
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 69,899 (Rs. 69,900)


EMI: Rs. 6243 / month
Apple iPad Air 2 128 GB (Gold) Wifi
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 39,499 (Rs. 39,900)


EMI: Rs. 3527 / month
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Inch 32GB Wifi + Cellular (Gold)
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 59,497 (Rs. 61,900)


EMI: Rs. 5314 / month
Apple iPad Air 2 128 GB (Grey) Wifi + Cellular
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 49,900 (Rs. 49,900)


EMI: Rs. 4456 / month

Important Note:

Apple iPad in Detail

The Apple iPad, first introduced in 2010, is a line of premium touch-screen tablets that revolutionized the tablet computer market, and it continues to be the undisputed leader in this segment.

A Gadget with “No Looking Back” Attitude and That Changed Everything

When the Apple iPad was first unveiled in 2010, it was a huge shift from existing tablet computers in terms of capabilities, user experience and design. Before its introduction, most tablets were clunky devices with limited capabilities. The iPad changed all that, with powerful computing abilities backed up by great software and sleek good looks.

The first release of the iPad was an instant hit, giving users an unforgettable experience and an exciting glimpse into a world of whole new possibilities. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength, with each release giving users power to do more.

Known for its ultra portability and easiness in carrying around, Apple tablets are a great option for both work and play. Every task executed on it is so easy, effortless and pleasurable that users are truly inseparable from their iPads.

Apple’s dedication to design, innovation and quality has ensured that every iPad has great new features and upgrades, becoming better, sleeker and capable of doing more with every release.

The Most Successful Tablet Journey with Innovation at Every Step

Since its debut in 2010, every model of the iPad has released to a frenzied fan following and huge queues of people eager to experience the latest innovations. Every Apple tablet has been packed with features and technology that are not just ahead of the curve, but can do what can hardly be imagined. Apple has worked on continuously evolving and upgrading the iPad, with improved displays, more powerful processors, improved cameras and reduced thickness. Frequent iOS upgrades made the user experience more intuitive, immersive and powerful.

The screen size of the earliest iPad (9.7 inches diagonal) set the precedent for successive releases. Its large screen size allowed increased capabilities when compared to a phone, while the weight and ease of operation gave it an edge over laptops.

The second generation Apple tablets came with dual-core processor and cameras. The third generation raised the standards for displays with the stunning new Retina Display while simultaneously improving the graphics, camera and video capabilities. The fourth generation saw further improvements in processing power. The fifth and sixth gen iPad Air & Air 2 underwent a complete design overhaul that resulted in a even slimmer and more powerful tablets. And the latest iPad Pro is a power horse, truly capable of replacing the traditional laptops and absolute delight for artists, graphics designers and all those who want to use it for complex work-related tasks.

Other variations of the Apple tablet include the iPad Mini.

The Mini is a sub-series aimed at people looking for similar capabilities and features but on a smaller 7.9 inch screen. First released in 2012, there have been four generations of the iPad Mini. The first has specifications that are similar to the iPad 2. The second-generation Mini 2 incorporated the Retina Display and a more powerful processor, while the third and fourth releases showed similar evolutions in hardware and software to keep up with the latest technologies.

With a Power-packed Hardware, Do All that You Want

Apple is known for innovative, high-performing devices and the iPad is no exception. The remarkable ecosystem due to both hardware and software being developed in-house has created a stable of great products. It is the preferred tablet choice whether you are looking for great design, a lightweight device or performance.

Every iPad comes with great hardware carefully selected and designed to fit into a slim, light package. The ultra vibrant Retina display, advanced processors & increased RAM on the latest versions of Apple tablets makes multi tasking of resource intensive applications (like image editing, heavy duty games) smooth, fast and seamless.

The iPad is a powerful computer the size and weight of a book. It's attractive design, superior performance makes it a perfect gadget for every occasion and need – be it work, shoot photos, stream videos and play music or games... the possibilities are endless...

With iOS & iCloud – Expect the Best Humanly Possible Experience

One of the key reasons for success of the iPad is its heart – the iOS Operating System that beats inside every Apple tablet. Created and developed by Apple to work exclusively with its devices, iOS is known for delivering immersive, personalised user experience and superior security. It is considered as world's most advanced operating system with more than 2 million apps to choose from – be it work, health, lifestyle, utilities, productivity or games.

The iOS ecosystem combined with the iCloud takes the entire experience even higher by allowing you to combine your tasks and data across devices. For example, photos taken on your iPhone are now automatically available on your iPad or Mac Book. The ecosystem also allows you to start a task on one Apple device and continue it on another.

With this wondorous creation , there is not a thing that you'll miss or complaint about. - The Best Place to Buy an iPad Online in India is your friend and guide who helps you purchase the latest Apple iPad online at the best possible price in India. Our personalized, brand-focused approach helps you choose the right iPad for your needs. Our team works hard to give you all the information you need to make the right decision, from in-depth details of every iPad to an exhaustive price comparison from both offline and online stores in India. We do all the hard work and put all the information in one place so that it becomes easy for you to make the right decision.