Aquasure Water Purifier Price in India

Planning to buy a Aquasure water purifier and want to know its price in India? Or want to explore the full range of Aquasure (RO, UV, UF) water filters so that you can choose the right one for your needs? At, we help you with all the information - right from comparing prices of Aquasure (RO, UV & UF) water purifiers models from best online stores in India to its detailed specs and reviews.

Note: Aquasure water purifier price in India list for all the models below was most recently updated on 24th February, 2018.
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Aquasure Water Purifier Price in India
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Aquasure Water Purifier Models and their Price

Aquasure Nano RO 4 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 8,494 (Rs. 10,999)


EMI: Rs. 758 / month
Aquasure Amrit With Kitanu Magnet 20 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 2,219 (Rs. 2,499)


EMI: Rs. 198 / month
Aquasure Prime UV + UF 4 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 7,999 (Rs. 8,199)


EMI: Rs. 714 / month
Aquasure Xpert 8 Litres RO + UV + UF Water Purifier
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 16,994 (Rs. 20,999)


EMI: Rs. 1517 / month
Aquasure Smart UV UV Water Purifier
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 5,999 (Rs. 7,999)


EMI: Rs. 535 / month
Aquasure Elegant RO + UV 6 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 11,999 (Rs. 12,499)


EMI: Rs. 1071 / month
Aquasure Aquaflow DX UV Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 5,199 (Rs. 6,499)


EMI: Rs. 464 / month
Aquasure Maxima UV + UF 6 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 8,120


EMI: Rs. 725 / month
Aquasure Maxima RO + UV + TDS 6 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 12,690


EMI: Rs. 1133 / month
Aquasure Maxima UV UV Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 8,399


EMI: Rs. 750 / month
Aquasure Maxima RO + UV 6 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 9,990 (Rs. 11,299)


EMI: Rs. 892 / month
Aquasure Shakti 15 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 1,535 (Rs. 1,599)


EMI: Rs. 137 / month
Aquasure Maxima RO + UF 6 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 8,200


EMI: Rs. 732 / month
Aquasure Maxima 1500 10 Litres (5+5) RO Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 1,450


EMI: Rs. 129 / month
Aquasure Xtra Tuff 16 Litres Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 1,790 (Rs. 1,999)


EMI: Rs. 159 / month
Aquasure Maxima 4000 15 Litres RO Water Purifier
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 1,995


EMI: Rs. 178 / month

Important Note:

Aquasure RO, UV & UF Water Purifier Price

Aquasure water purifier price varies based on the water treatmenet mechanism used to purify the water. The most advanced and the popular Aquasure RO water purifier price starts from Rs. 7,670 whereas the Aquasure UV & UF models costs upward of Rs. 6,299. For those looking at the least expensive Aquasure purifiers can look opt for gravity based non electric water purifiers which comes at a price tag of Rs. 1,499 and above.

Below table summarizes the various Aquasure water purifiers along with their prices in India and the purification technology used.

Aquasure Water Purifer ModelPurification MethodPrice
Aquasure Prime UV UF - 4 LitresUV + UFRs. 7,999
Aquasure Nano RO - 4 LitresRORs. 8,494
Aquasure Xpert - 8 LitresRO + UV + UFRs. 16,994
Aquasure Smart UVUVRs. 5,999
Aquasure Maxima RO UV TDS - 6 LitresRO + UVRs. 12,690
Aquasure Maxima RO UV - 6 LitresRO + UVRs. 9,990
Aquasure Aquaflow DXUVRs. 5,199
Aquasure Maxima RO UF - 6 LitresRO + UFRs. 8,200
Aquasure Maxima UVUVRs. 8,399
Aquasure Maxima 1500 - 10 LitresRORs. 1,450

About Aquasure Water Purifier in Detail

The homely Aquasure water purifier was conceptualised in 2005 by the consumer durable major, Eureka Forbes, with the aim to penetrate the domiciliary water purifier space through a retail marketing approach as opposed to the erstwhile path-breaking strategy of door-to-door sales that had captivated the Indian consumers for more than three decades. The epic move was certainly the need of the hour and quintessential for the historic brand to reach out to the burgeoning masses faster than ever before with its economical Aquasure RO water purifier series.

Innovative product line up, latest technology, contemporary design and an affordable price range – the thrifty Aquasure water purifier has it all to when it comes to your and your family’s health. Specifically engineered to meet varying needs of both big and small towns & cities, the avant-garde Aquasure RO is going all out with its smart range of Electric and Non-Electric water purifiers. No wonder it has become the ubiquitous choice for many modern and rural households with its unrelenting ethos of providing safe and healthy water to every home in India.

So, what makes the mass-friendly Aquasure RO such a runaway hit since its launch? Let’s reveal the magic of this true-blue beauty that truly lives up to the brand’s legendary tagline of becoming ‘Your friend for life’:

Aquasure RO Water Purifier – Insure Your Family’s Health with Safe and Pure Water

If your drinking water makes you squiggle all over with its salty or brackish taste, then you found your calling with the Aquasure RO water purifier. Perfect for borewell water, it is best-suited for water with high TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) levels that render you water unfit for consumption due to the presence of excess salts, microbiological impurities and harmful heavy metals. Fell sick zillions of times in the last few months? Why not check if it’s your contaminated water that is the root of all malaise. With water-borne diseases contributing to more than 80% of all health disorders in India, you sure could bank upon your adulterated water to irritate your inner system and make it all weak and puny! Now rest your health woes forever with the efficient and multistage Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology of your Aquasure RO which is competent enough to eliminate the surfeit salts and disease causing bacteria, protozoa, viruses and cysts while doing a clever job of retaining the essential minerals and nutrients that can do a world of good to your frail health.

Tired of the fluctuating voltage damaging your priceless appliances? Why fret when the RO enabled Aquasure water purifier is neatly layered with an in-built voltage stabilizer that adapts itself across a wide voltage range. Power cut or water shortage – long-lasting supply of pure and safe water is a given with the spacious water storage tank that can store enough sanitised water to quench your thirst at any time of the day or night. Just in case you still had those worry lines on your forehead as you imagined astronomical amounts on your electricity bill, you can have a good night’s sleep now as the Smart Energy Saving feature of the RO enabled Aquasure water purifier will save every penny by switching off the power once the water tank is full with unadulterated water. Already made up your mind to bag the life-saving Aquasure RO? With such standout features, not hard to see why!

The Aquasure RO water filter is available in storage tank capacities of 4 and 6 litres.

Aquasure UV and UF Water Purifier – Take a Step Further to Maximize Your Health with New Age Purification Technology

Apt for water supplied by Municipal Corporations, the advanced technology of Aquasure UV and UF water purifiers is powerful enough to get rid of the miniscule dust particles, toxic pesticides and the minutest of microorganisms that have made your drinking water their safe haven to spread the tyranny of deadly diseases like cholera, jaundice, typhoid etc. The chemical-free Ultra Violet (UV) technology of your Aquasure UV water purifier makes your water as pristine as the water that has been on the boil for 20 minutes. Did you just envision that you need to wait for 20 long minutes for that glass of life-saving water? Hell no! The UV enabled Aquasure water purifier gushes out clean, odour-free and tasty water in less than a minute to satiate your parched throat! The potent Ultra Filtration (UF) technology of the Aquasure UF water purifier is oh so tough on the imperceptible bacteria swimming in your drinking water and safely demotes it to endow you with the goodness of crystal clear water in every sip that your intake. The leading UV+UF technology of the Aquasure water purifier is ably supported by the Clarity Cartridge, Chemi Block, UF Membrane Cartridge, UV Chamber, Post Carbon Cartridge – all working round the clock with the unified mission of keeping you healthy every day with decontaminated, inodorous water that does not leave a bad taste in your mouth while doing an internal cleansing of your body.

Such a health-conscious wonder the downright classy and the supremely sturdy Aquasure UV and UF water purifiers are the trusted choice of lakhs of Indian moms who only rely upon the efficient stunners for the robust health of their family. Easy on the eyes and a born fighter from within – your UV+UF enabled Aquasure water purifier!

The Aquasure UV and UF water purifiers are available in varied capacities including 4 and 6 litres. – Own a Priceless Aquasure RO at an Unparalleled Price

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