Canon Digital Camera Price in India

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Note: Canon digital camera price list for all the models (below) was most recently updated on 24th February, 2018.
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Canon Digital Camera Price in India
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Canon Digital Camera Models and their Price

Canon IXUS 285 HS 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 12,799 (Rs. 13,495)


EMI: Rs. 1143 / month
Canon PowerShot SX620 HS 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 15,495 (Rs. 17,895)


EMI: Rs. 1383 / month
Canon PowerShot SX410 IS 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 13,899 (Rs. 14,999)


EMI: Rs. 673 / month
Canon PowerShot G3 X 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 59,990 (Rs. 59,990)


EMI: Rs. 5358 / month
Canon PowerShot SX400 IS 16MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 10,290 (Rs. 10,995)


EMI: Rs. 919 / month
Canon PowerShot SX530 HS 16MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 21,995 (Rs. 21,995)


EMI: Rs. 1964 / month
Canon IXUS 275 HS 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 9,700 (Rs. 9,995)


EMI: Rs. 866 / month
Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II 13MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 49,995 (Rs. 49,995)


EMI: Rs. 4465 / month
Canon IXUS 170 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 7,990


EMI: Rs. 387 / month
Canon PowerShot G7 X 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 40,995 (Rs. 40,995)


EMI: Rs. 3661 / month
Canon PowerShot SX60 HS 16MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 29,995 (Rs. 31,495)


EMI: Rs. 2679 / month
Canon PowerShot SX720 HS 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 19,995


EMI: Rs. 1785 / month
Canon PowerShot SX420 IS 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 41,500


EMI: Rs. 3706 / month
Canon PowerShot SX610 HS 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 33,250


EMI: Rs. 2969 / month
Canon IXUS 160 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 8,990


EMI: Rs. 435 / month
Canon PowerShot G5 X 20MP Digital Camera
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 53,495 (Rs. 53,495)


EMI: Rs. 4778 / month

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Canon Digital Camera in Detail

A once-in-a-blue-moon moment requires the finesse of a technologically advanced camera that no smartphone can compete with! Treasure the surreal moments of life and relive them for eternity with a user-friendly Canon digital camera. Professional photographer or a new entrant in the photographic space, the compact Canon digital camera appeals to all. Path-breaking technology, exciting features, simple and perceptive interface and superior aesthetics – all have been blended harmoniously to craft the stunning and enviable digital camera range of Canon.

Not surprising that the Canon digital camera resonates with you immediately when you think of a utilitarian soul that packs enough punch inside to churn gorgeous and picturesque images with each and every click.

While Canon boasts an impressive collection of point-and-shoot digital cameras, the Canon PowerShot and Canon IXUS are by far the most popular models in India.

Canon PowerShot – Add a Professional Touch to Your Marvellous Shots

If you are a born shutterbug and a die-hard adventurist too, then the chameleon of a Canon PowerShot reflects you to the T. With an expansive suite of advanced imaging features and ingenious functionalities, no light is low enough and no object is too far to be captured magnificently when you frame it with a powerful and advanced PowerShot digital camera. Rugged and untamed terrains of the Khardungla Pass or the picturesque marine life of the Great Barrier Reef – awe-inspiring landscape images are awaiting you at the click of a PowerShot digital camera.

Who needs flash to shoot sharp and clear snaps in harsh surroundings? Not the PowerShot for sure! With an ultra-perceptive CCD Image Sensor and a razor-sharp DIGIC processor, visually stunning and expressive images are at your disposal in a jiffy. Just in case you can still do with some flash, unleash your creativity and accessorise your PowerShot camera to your heart’s content with Speedlite flashes and et al. We bet the always-on-the-go voyager in you craves for something more than a still picture huh? Click the winning moments of your child on his or her annual sports day with unbelievable clarity and precision – courtesy the ultra-swift processing, extra zoom capability and in-built Optical Image Stabilizer of a PowerShot Canon digital camera. The leading Smart Auto functions and the advanced recording modes let you shoot and record unrestrained so that every single moment of your child’s leaps and bounds get the attention that they deserve! Such a magnanimous beauty – it does the trick behind the scenes and lets you walk away with all the applause!

A world of hi-tech photography features that truly befit a professional camera – brought to you by the Canon PowerShot digital camera.

SX 420, SX 60-HS, SX 410, SX 530, SX 540 and SX 720 are the most popular Canon PowerShot cameras.

Canon IXUS – A Classy Confluence of Style and Substance

‘All good things come in small packages’ sure will believe this now when you see the aura of the IXUS! Canon’s sleekest compact camera range that is petite enough to fit into your pocket, the Canon IXUS is a dream for the no-hassle traveller who cannot bother with the additional weight of a burly camera to mar his adventurous trysts. A versatile range that is sure to transform your casual photography fling into a lifelong saga of intense photographic passion, the multifaceted IXUS digital camera lets you capture the world in your own distinctive manner and the way you want to see it. Do be prepared though for all the adulation and admiring glances which are bound to come your way when you bring out the stunner to snap your way to glory. After all, not many can resist the gleam of the peppy metallic colours on the suave and curvy polished body of the IXUS!

Transform mundane moments into picture-perfect ones that are par excellence with the clarity and amazing picture quality of an IXUS Canon digital camera. The undeniable sense of victory when you crack your first interview or the excitement of stepping into the 20s on your upcoming birthday or the sheer delight of a surprise visit by your long-lost friend – the Canon IXUS camera captures every little moment and each expression with élan and like a pro! The ultra-sensitive Smart Auto technology corrects anything that is remotely shoddy – be it extra brightness, poor contrast, disproportionate distance or an uneven hue. No wonder, every picture that you click is near flawless at any time of the day or night! If the perfectionist in you needs a second look to satiate your stringent parameters, no frets! Make use of the high-resolution PureColor LCD Monitor and the wide-viewing angle of the IXUS digital camera to view your captured images and sort the ones that appease your hawk-eyed scrutiny.

Such a compact body that encompasses a world of smart features such as Smart Creative functions, Smart Shutter and Smart FE – the IXUS Canon digital camera is a true-blue beauty that has taken the world of photography by storm. And if you wondered at the smart technology that renders the IXUS digital camera with super-fast operations and barely audible images, it is the ingenuity of Canon’s DIGIC processor that weaves the magic around. Click the perfect selfie and the resplendent family portrait amidst all the lights and colour of Diwali and Holi with zillions of special effects such as Fish-eye, Miniature, Smile and Wink Self-timer, Colour Accent and more. When you take such breathtaking shots that capture everyone at their very best, you are sure to become the ubiquitous world-class photographer of your family at every grand occasion and celebration!

With so many compelling features, it’s not surprising that the Canon IXUS is soaring high on the popularity charts of every aficionado like you who admire the affordability, the clarity and the precision of a Canon digital camera.

IXUS 175, IXUS–180 and IXUS–285 are the most popular cameras from the eminent IXUS line up. – Think of a Canon Digital Camera and Envisage Us for an Informed Shopping Rendezvous

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