Google Pixel Price in India

Looking for Google Pixel and want to know its price in India? Compare prices of Google Pixel (32gb, 128gb, black & silver) mobile from best online shopping sites in India. And to better help you explore Pixel (the first ever smartphone from Google) we have also captured its detailed specs and reviews. At, are devoted to one cause - help you buy your Google Pixel phone at lowest price in India.

Note: Google Pixel Price list in India for all the models below was most recently updated on 24th February, 2018.
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Google Pixel Price in India
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Google Pixel Models and their Price

Google Pixel 32GB Very Silver
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 42,900 (Rs. 57,000)


EMI: Rs. 3831 / month
Google Pixel 32GB Quite Black
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 57,000


EMI: Rs. 5091 / month
Google Pixel 128GB Quite Black
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 66,000


EMI: Rs. 5894 / month
Google Pixel 128GB Very Silver
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 66,000


EMI: Rs. 5894 / month

Important Note:

Google Pixel 32GB & 128GB Model Price in India

The Google Pixel 32GB price in India is Rs. 42900 whereas the price of 128GB version of the Pixel phone starts from Rs. 66000. Use the below table to compare the various prices of Google Pixel phone by available storage capacities and color options in India.

Google Pixel Phone ModelPrice
Pixel 32GB - BlackRs. 57,000
Pixel 32GB - SilverRs. 42,900
Pixel 128GB - BlackRs. 66,000
Pixel 128GB - SilverRs. 66,000

Google Pixel Phone in Detail

Launched in October 2016, the Google Pixel is the first Android phone fully designed by Google, and this brilliant device has already taken the market by storm. Superb specifications, phenomenal performance, outstanding camera, great software features and the helpful Google Assistant are some of the features that make this phone a great buy for the discerning customer. The Pixel features both hardware and software designed and made by Google, to deliver an integrated Google-centred user experience.

Bere are some of the key features of Google Pixel phone

Sleek, Premium Phone with Great Build Quality

The elegant Google Pixel is slim and beautiful, with well-thought through design details such as rear fingerprint scanner and a wedge shape to accommodate the camera bump. The aerospace-grade aluminium unibody design is easy to hold and hits the sweet spot of size and weight for maximum comfort. The build quality of the Google Pixel and finishes reflect top-grade craftsmanship, with a phone that is unquestionably premium.

Note: Google's Pixel phone comes in two different storage capacities (32GB & 128GB) and two different colors to chose from (Quite Black and Very Silver).

Incredible Display Quality

The 5 inch Full HD (1080 p) AMOLED screen on the Google Pixel is one of the best screens that a phone of recent time has seen in the smartphone world. With a 441 ppi pixel density, images are super-sharp with deep contrasts and vibrant colours adding up to a great viewing experience.

Phenomenal Rear Camera for Top-notch Images

The 12 MP rear camera on the Google Pixel received the highest score ever for any smartphone from DxOMark. The camera opens and focuses rapidly, and produces excellent images in all light conditions, including low-light (with a wide 2.0 aperture) and high-contrast situations (due to the HDR+ mode). Images are crystal clear with low levels of noise and bright, rich colours. In addition to the camera, the camera systems have been designed to maximize the processing power of the Pixel, such as in the HDR+ Mode for high-contrast lighting conditions.

The Google Pixel also offers the user a great choice of video modes including 4k video @30 fps, slow-mo and 1080p HD at either 30 or 60 fps. Video quality is wonderful, especially when shot in 4k, with high levels of detail and lifelike colours.

Capture your Best Memories with the Selfie Camera

The 8 MP front camera with a 2.4 f aperture produces amazing selfies. The resulting images are sharp and detailed, with rich, vivid colours. The HDR+ feature is available even on the front camera, giving it a much wider dynamic range than most phones. Now capture precious memories with your loved ones anywhere, any time with a great selfie and groupfie!

Outstanding Performance

With the Snapdragon 821 processor and 4 GB RAM, the Google Pixel can effortlessly handle all your tasks with ease. Performance is super-quick and smooth, with no time lags opening apps or multi-tasking. Heavy duty apps are equally seamless. The Pixel’s combination of top-notch performance and superb display makes it a great phone even for graphic-intensive tasks and games.

Smooth Android Experience and Friendly Google Assistant

The Pixel was an opportunity for Google to integrate the hardware and software for a seamless user experience. The Androis OS is clean, and free of any pre-installed third party apps and bloatware, resulting in a better performance with intense activities and increased battery life due to optimization.

The friendly, voice-responsive Google Assistant is a new feature from Google that has been introduced on the Pixel phone. This virtual assistant is great to help you out with answers to questions and to organize everyday tasks. For example, you might be in a new city and feel like eating Chinese food. Google Assistant will helpfully list all the nearby Chinese restaurants with ratings and reviews. The assistant can also schedule tasks on your calendar and send messages and emails based on your voice commands.

Google Pixel Specs



Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad-core 2.5 GHz Kyro processor


4 GB

Internal Storage (WiFi model)

32 GB or 128 GB

External Storage


Available Color Options

Quite Black, Very Silver

SIM Options

Single SIM

SIM Type


Display Screen Size

5.0" diagonal

Display Screen Type


Display Resolution

1080p resolution, 441ppi


Android 7.1 Nougat


2,770 mAh non-removable battery


Size (w x h x d)

143.8 x 69.5 x 7.3 ~ 8.5 mm




Primary/Rear Camera

12.3 MP

Secondary/Front Camera

8 MP

Video Recording

2160p (4K) @ 30fps, 1080p @ 30/60/120 fps, 720p @ 240 fps

Internet & Connectivity