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PriceIndiaPrice.com is your economical LG online store in India – a one-stop destination to buy the exhaustive range of breathtaking LG products. We are different from the cliché run-of-the-mill online shopping sites as we are not here to coax you into buying something that you really do not need. Our aim is to guide you into make an informed decision with the help of detailed technical specifications, enlarged product images and honest expert reviews. Choose your pick from the mind-boggling range of LG products including refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, televisions and mobiles as PriceIndiaPrice.com displays it all. After all, we are your online LG India store. So, it is highly unlikely that you would crave for an LG that does not exist on our site.

We pride ourselves for our near real-time price updates as our relentless price comparison engine works round the clock to search for the lowest LG price across genuine and reputed online shopping sites in India such as Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal and others. You will be pleasantly surprised with our unique filtering criteria that also let you compare the price of your perfect LG products by colour...quite a standout feature amongst many others in this genre. Cash or no cash – we ensure that your desired LG air conditioner or LG refrigerator is never out of reach as you leverage the easy EMI options available on PriceIndiaPrice.com – your LG online store in India. So, bring home an LG into your home today with your trusted online LG India store. Shop with PriceIndiaPrice.com and live the magic of a good life with the spectacular range of LG products.

About The Pioneering LG Brand – Paving the Gateway for World’s Many Firsts

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, multinational electronics major LG first made its foray in the electronics space as Lucky Goldstar in 1958. It metamorphosed itself as LG Electronics in 1995 which was eventually reincorporated in 2002. Meant to cater to the Korean domestic market as an after-math of the Korean War, the company soon assumed global stature with a whopping USD 100 million worth of export revenue in 1978. Today the company has diversified into four leading business units in the realm of Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance & Air Solution and Vehicle Components – each a pioneer in its own right and continuously challenging the status-quo to churn out one ingenious product after the other.

Winner of many awards for its out-of-the-box designs, distinctive products and cutting-edge technology, the LG brand continues to captivate the masses with its diversified and appealing range that strike a chord with the consumers right from the word ‘go’. Reliable, trustworthy, modern, inventive, value for money and long-lasting – all define the versatility of the immensely popular LG brand.

The phenomenal rise of the LG brand can best be described as surreal with the introduction of many firsts in the world of entertainment and home appliances. By 2009, LG Electronics earned the enviable distinction of being the largest producer of global LCD panels and the world’s second largest television manufacturer in 2011. The eminent list of novel innovations include the world’s first computerised colour TV in 1979, the first global CMDA digital mobile handset in 1995, the first ever 60-inch Plasma TV in 1998, HomeChat messaging service for its smart appliances in 2013, the world’s first 4K OLED TV and webOS Smart TV in 2014, the world’s first Charcoal Lighting Heater in 2014 and the pioneering mosquito repellent-cum-TV in 2016 specifically tailored for the Indian market.

With so many leading facets to its credit, no wonder the formidable LG brand continues to ride the popularity charts in the world of premium entertainment and matchless home appliances - living and breathing its core philosophy of offering a better life to the new-age consumer day in and day out with pioneering technology and pertinent, user-friendly innovations.

Not surprising that LG Electronics India was voted as the ‘Most Trusted Brand in India’ in 2015 and ‘India’s Most Attractive Brand’ in 2016 according to consumer preferences spanning across 16 Indian cities. Indeed, it’s a good life when you welcome the ingenuity of an LG into your lifestyle.