LG TV Price in India

Looking for LG TV Price in India? Select from wide range of LG LED, Full HD, Curved, Smart & OLED televisions at PriceIndiaPrice.com and compare LG (32, 40, 42, 48, 55 & 65 inch) LED TV prices from best online shopping sites in India. At PriceIndiaPrice.com, we help you buy your latest LG LED TV at lowest price. To make sure you have all the information in selecting the right LG TV for your needs, we also help you with detailed specs.

Note: LG LED TV Price in India list below for all the models was most recently updated on 24th February, 2018.
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LG TV Price in India
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LG TV Models and their Price

LG 24LH480A-PT 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 12,690 (Rs. 15,900)


EMI: Rs. 1133 / month
LG 43LH547A 43 Inch Full HD LED TV
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 35,912 (Rs. 45,900)


EMI: Rs. 3207 / month
LG 49LH516A 49 Inch Full HD LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 58,900 (Rs. 62,900)


EMI: Rs. 5260 / month
LG 32LH604T 32 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOS
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 31,800 (Rs. 38,900)


EMI: Rs. 2840 / month
LG 43UH650T 43 Inch UHD LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 51,933 (Rs. 75,900)


EMI: Rs. 4638 / month
LG 49LH547A 49 Inch Full HD LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 49,646 (Rs. 64,900)


EMI: Rs. 4434 / month
LG 49LH595T 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOS
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 73,900


EMI: Rs. 6600 / month
LG 55LH600T 55 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOS
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 83,990 (Rs. 103,900)


EMI: Rs. 7501 / month
LG 49LH576T 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 54,510 (Rs. 70,500)


EMI: Rs. 4868 / month
LG 22LH458A-CT 22 Inch Full HD LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 11,967 (Rs. 14,500)


EMI: Rs. 1068 / month
LG 22LH454A-PT 22 Inch Full HD LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 11,280 (Rs. 12,900)


EMI: Rs. 1007 / month
LG 43LH516A 43 Inch Full HD LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 39,151 (Rs. 43,900)


EMI: Rs. 3496 / month
LG 43LH518A 43 Inch Full HD LED TV
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 34,809 (Rs. 45,500)


EMI: Rs. 3109 / month
LG 49LH600T 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOS
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 53,333 (Rs. 77,900)


EMI: Rs. 4763 / month
LG 24LF430A 24 Inch HD Ready LED TV
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 13,920 (Rs. 15,500)


EMI: Rs. 1243 / month
LG 32LH602D 32 Inch HD Ready Smart LED TV with WebOS
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 27,499 (Rs. 34,900)


EMI: Rs. 2456 / month

Important Note:

LG LED TV Price - 32, 43, 49 inch, Curved, Smart, 4K TV

Price of LG LED TV in India varies by screen type & size. The LG 32 inch LED TV price starts from Rs. 20,000 whereas the price of LG 43 & 49 inch Full HD LED TV starts from Rs. 34,809 and Rs. 46,000. High end LG TVs like 4K Curved Smart TV is available from Rs. 297,504 and above. Take a look at the below price table to compare prices of the most popular LG LED TVs in India.

LG LED TV ModelPrice
LG 24LH480A-PT 24 Inch HD Ready LED TVRs. 12,690
LG 43LH547A 43 Inch Full HD LED TVRs. 35,912
LG 43LH518A 43 Inch Full HD LED TVRs. 34,809
LG 49LH600T 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOSRs. 53,333
LG 49LH516A 49 Inch Full HD LED TVRs. 58,900
LG 32LH604T 32 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOSRs. 31,800
LG 43UH650T 43 Inch UHD LED TVRs. 51,933
LG 49LH547A 49 Inch Full HD LED TVRs. 49,646
LG 49LH595T 49 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOSRs. 73,900
LG 55LH600T 55 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with WebOSRs. 83,990

LG Televisions in Detail

An undisputed name in the world of home entertainment, the omnipresent and omnipotent LG TV has surely come of age from its erstwhile humble Korean footprint to a global name in the world of television. With an enviable line up that boasts the likes of LG Smart TV, LG SUHD TV, LG Curved TV, LG 3D TV and LG OLED TV amongst others, the ever-evolving and extremely versatile LG TV is the second most manufactured TV in the world and poised to rule the reign for many more years to come.

Stylish designs, picture-perfect and real life-like images, unimaginable audio clarity, incredible detailing, wide viewing angles and state-of-the-art technology – all blended together to render you with a matchless entertainment experience that is pure bliss – possible only from the unparallel and undeniable LG TV.

Available in an exhaustive display size of 32, 40, 42, 48, 55, 65, 75 inches, every LG LED TV is thoughtfully designed to cater to distinctive surroundings and entertainment needs. Though each one of them packs enough excitement to boggle you with the unique features, the LG 32, 40 and 48 inch LED TVs are by far the most popular screen sizes in India.

So, what makes the LG TV such a foremost player in the highly competitive television market inundated with competent electronic majors? Let’s unveil the aura:

LG LED TV Features – Screaming High-Class Oomph and Superlative Ingenuity

LG HD and Full HD LED TV – The Hallmark of Durability and Versatility

Redefine high definition with the extremely durable LG HD TV. The Triple XD Engine blends the powerful trio of colour, contrast and clarity to deliver unbelievable standards in colourful and graphic images. Extremely brawny all over, they can endure the harshest of weather conditions with élan. The utilitarian Regional Language functionality ensures that language is no barrier when it comes to the ultimate personalised home theatre experience. The one cable, one standard HDMI is sure to evoke flashes of lightening speed with the HD video, audio and data neatly consolidated in its unibody. A dependable all-rounder is thy name – the resilient LG HD LED TV.

Enrich your conventional television viewing by manifolds with the visually stunning picture quality of the LG Full HD LED TV. Eye-catching landscapes are no more a figment of imagination with the high resolution of 1920x1080 pixels that are evenly distributed across the display for crisp picture clarity. The strong IPS Panels are tougher and more resilient to high temperatures - perfectly engineered to withstand the sultry Indian summers. Not to forget the sturdy dust-resistant backcover vents that ensure longevity of your LG LED TV. With a plethora of in-built games, an ultra-fine bezel design and the excellence of the Triple XD Engine, not a moment is dull when you are with your star performer – your multi-faceted LG Full HD LED TV.

The Smarter Than Before LG Smart TV – Enthral Yourself with the Twin Pleasures of a TV and a Laptop

The intuitive LG Smart TV was born smart and continues to outsmart the rest of the pack with its advanced features and user-friendly functionalities. Embracing the latest attributes in the technological space such as the Magic Remote, Miracast, Netflix, Clear Voice III and Smart Energy Saving feature, the LG Smart TV is all set to herald new benchmarks in cinematic experience. The revolutionary webOS stumps you with the blazing internet speed when you team it with the 4G Dongle Plug and Play. Leverage the upgraded version of Netflix and Fast App Switching for easy and prompt access to your favourite Netflix movies. The in-built Wi-Fi promises new heights in premium entertainment with limitless access to YouTube videos and GameFly Streaming. Forget the restrictive screen of your petite laptop and make use of the big screen of your Smart TV for endless Skype conversations with your loved ones...so much pleasure in the all-encompassing LG Smart TV.

LG 3D TV - Your Personalised 3D Home Theatre in Your Living Room

First introduced in 2011, the LG 3D TVs were quite a rebel since inception. Opting for a ‘passive’ technology even when the rest in the television space chose to go with ‘active’ technology, the LG 3D LED TVs were born to standout from the herd. Imbibing the finest 3D technology for an immersive and incredible 3D experience, the 3D TVs pack enough action and glam to leave you completely zapped and mesmerised. Engage yourself in the adventures of Mowgli and his friends on your LG 3D TV and watch your favourite cartoon characters of Bagheera and Shere Khan come to life on screen.

Enjoy a rush of adrenalin as you delve into your LG 3D TV to zoom past every alley and nook and corner with lightweight and flicker-free 3D glasses. The depth control facet of this TV lets you customise the display to your niche requirements while the split screen feature, the 3D imagery and the Sound Zooming technology can confidently hoodwink you to imagine all the action happening right next to you! Easy to see why it is one of the most popular choices when it comes to a top-notch 3D cinematic wonder.

Leave No Detail Unturned with the Curvilinear LG Curved TV

Sensational and curvaceous, the svelte LG Curved TV scores high in your eminent list of ‘must haves’ for your home decor while the angular frame tops the list of features that are quintessential for a spectacular view.

The curved screen is ergonomically designed for the best possible view that accommodates your vision range effortlessly. Adjust yourself comfortably in any corner of your spacious sofa. The result is the same – sheer ecstasy rendered by the immaculate view generously enhanced by the sharp, wide angles, the broad canvas screen and the larger-than-life imagery. Poised to be the centre of attraction in every gathering of yours, you can never go wrong with the curvy and simply irresistible LG Curved TV.

Feel the Aura with the Next-Gen LG OLED TV

Aptly deemed as the ‘Future of TV’, the bold and daring LG OLED TV is certainly not the one to shy away from exploring and welcoming the new and the unconventional in new-age television technology. Such harmonious blend of Self-lighting Pixel technology, Dolby Vision HDR 4K and the ultra-slim facade – hard to believe that a surreal object of this stature can grace our mortal homes! Enjoy the blackest black and the whitest white that your sharp eyes can ever discern with the innumerable self-lighting pixels – each emitting its own light and switching on and off in order to magnify every colour to its richest shade possible. Marvel at every detail with the Dolby Vision technology that fine tunes the contrast scene by scene and layer by layer.

Such precision in picture quality and blade slim design is sure to please even the die-hard perfectionists. After all, when you bag the coveted ‘King of TV’ award, there is little room for anyone to say anything else!

LG UHD and SUHD TV – Get Ready to be Enchanted by the Magic of Colour Therapy

If you are tantamount to all things bright and beautiful, then you just found your replica in the LG UHD TV series. With an awe-inspiring pixel count of 8.3 million, the LG UHD TV promises razor-sharp image quality that is four times superior to the regular Full HD LED TV. Stunning pictures, panoramic view and incredibly sharp detailing – enjoy them all with the LG UHD TV.

The high-end LG SUHD TV or Super UHD TV takes world-class viewing few notches higher with the Quantum Dot technology, 4K Ultra HD resolution, Brilliant Rich Colors feature and ColorPrime Plus characteristic. Let each picture bewitch you with its vibrant and striking colours that come alive with the IPS 4K Quantum Display that can demarcate the infinitesimal variations in colour shades, almost impossible for the naked eye to distinguish otherwise. Refine your definition of the deepest blue and the palest green with the accurate to a fault LG SUHD TV.

PriceIndiaPrice.com – Your Reliable LG TV Showroom at Your Fingertips

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