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Looking for Seiko Watches in India? Timeless and never ageing Seiko watches for men and women comes in various series like Sportura, Prospex, Velatura, Solar, Seiko 5 and at different price points. And at, we help you explore the latest Seiko watch collection and compare Seiko watches price from best online shopping sites in India. We help you buy your favorite Seiko analog & chronograph watch at lowest price in India.

Note: Below Seiko watch price list in India was most recently udpated on 24th February, 2018.
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Seiko Watches Price in India
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Seiko Watches Models and their Price

Seiko 5 Analog SNKN17K1 Men’s Watch – Black Dial
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 13,399 (Rs. 15,500)


EMI: Rs. 649 / month
Seiko 5 Analog SNKN16K1 Men’s Watch – White Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 13,380 (Rs. 13,500)


EMI: Rs. 648 / month
Seiko Dress Chronograph SPC168P1 Men’s Watch – White Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 20,500


EMI: Rs. 1831 / month
Seiko Analog SNAE77P1 Men’s Watch
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 36,447 (Rs. 36,500)


EMI: Rs. 1767 / month
Seiko Premier Chronograph SPC059P1 Men’s Watch – White Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 31,950 (Rs. 35,500)


EMI: Rs. 2853 / month
Seiko Analog SKS523P1 Men’s Watch – White Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 11,700


Seiko Chronograph SNDD91P1 Men’s Watch – White Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 12,420 (Rs. 13,800)


EMI: Rs. 602 / month
Seiko Lord Chronograph SPC158P1 Men’s Watch – Blue Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 29,465 (Rs. 35,500)


EMI: Rs. 1428 / month
Seiko Analog SNAF31P1 Men’s Watch – Black Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 33,700 (Rs. 37,500)


EMI: Rs. 1634 / month
Seiko Analog SAST015G Men’s Watch – Black Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 189,000


EMI: Rs. 16880 / month
Seiko Dress Chronograph SNDF13P1 Men’s Watch – Black Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 20,400 (Rs. 25,500)


EMI: Rs. 1822 / month
Seiko Lord Chronograph SNT044P1 Men’s Watch – White Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 15,275 (Rs. 23,500)


EMI: Rs. 1364 / month
Seiko Analog SKS426P1 Men’s Watch – Gold Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 12,925 (Rs. 14,500)


EMI: Rs. 626 / month
Seiko Premier Chronograph SPC161P1 Men’s Watch – Black Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 38,250 (Rs. 42,500)


EMI: Rs. 1854 / month
Seiko Sportura Chronograph SSC357P1 Men’s Watch – Black Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 36,125 (Rs. 42,500)


EMI: Rs. 1751 / month
Seiko Dress Chronograph SPC153P1 Men’s Watch – Black Dial
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 17,425 (Rs. 20,500)


EMI: Rs. 844 / month

Important Note:

Seiko Watches Price in India

Seiko watches price in India varies by watch function, series and style. The price of entry level analog Seiko watches for men in India starts from Rs. 5,000 whereas for women it starts from Rs. 6,856. However, the premium range of Seiko (Solar, Automatic, Chronograph) watches prices starts from Rs. 12,000. Below table list the latest Seiko watches price in India for popular models.

Popular Seiko WatchesPrice
Seiko 5 Analog SNKN17K1 Men’s Watch – Black DialRs. 13,399
Seiko Premier Chronograph SPC059P1 Men’s Watch – White DialRs. 31,950
Seiko Analog SNAF31P1 Men’s Watch – Black DialRs. 33,700
Seiko Dress Chronograph SPC168P1 Men’s Watch – White DialRs. 20,500
Seiko Premier Chronograph SPC162P1 Men’s Watch – White DialRs. 38,675
Seiko 5 Analog SNKN16K1 Men’s Watch – White DialRs. 13,380
Seiko Analog SAST015G Men’s Watch – Black DialRs. 189,000
Seiko Analog SKS523P1 Men’s Watch – White DialRs. 11,700
Seiko Analog SKS426P1 Men’s Watch – Gold DialRs. 12,925
Seiko Sportura Chronograph SSC357P1 Men’s Watch – Black DialRs. 36,125

Seiko Watches in Detail

A celebrated name in the world of horology, the versatile Seiko Watches have a cult status of their own. True to their brand name ‘Seiko’ which means ‘precision’ in Japanese, the spectacular Seiko watches have propelled watch-making precision to unparalleled heights with their cutting-edge technology and excellent finish.

The landmark journey started way back in 1881 when Kintaro Hattori, a veteran entrepreneur, inaugurated a shop in central Tokyo to sell and repair watches and clocks. This was followed with the foundation of the Seikosha Co. in 1892. While the initial foray was unassuming with production limited to wall clocks only, soon it attained massive popularity and launched its first pocket watch – the Timekeeper – in 1895. This changed the brand history forever as a foundation had been laid for Japan’s first ever wrist watch which made its debut in 1913, named the Laurel.

Since then there has been no looking back with the premier watches bagging many prestigious titles with élan and aplomb. Whether in the garb of the official ‘Railway Watch’ for Japan National Railway in 1929 or Japan’s first TV advertisement in 1953 or ‘Official Timer’ of the 18th Olympiad in 1964 to the much recent ‘Brand of the Year’ in the esteemed World Branding Awards in 2016, Seiko watches continue to enthral the masses with an accuracy that is so perfect that it is deemed flawless!

Every invention from the eminent brand, be it the signature Grand Seiko in 1960 or the pioneering quartz watch in 1969 or the Astron GPS Solar - world’s first GPS solar watch, is a proud testimonial of superior craftsmanship and mind-boggling creativity from the ‘the house of precision’.

No wonder the celebrated watches continue to rule our hearts and a ‘Seiko’ logo on our wrists is a matter of supreme pride. So, what makes them surreal and a brand par excellence? Let’s figure out:

Seiko Solar Watch – Embrace Time Forever with the Power of Light and GPS

A watch that can beat the race against time and that too without a battery? Yes, you heard it right! The timeless Seiko Solar Watch will be your life-long friend – one that needs no battery and sources its power effortlessly from light. Who can imagine so much ingenuity inside the gorgeous exterior! Not to forget the revolutionary 2012 Astron GPS Solar – a sensational GPS-enabled masterpiece that leverages the dual power of GPS and solar energy to adjust time automatically for you without a battery ever in its precincts. Not surprising that it has been endorsed by the likes of Novak Djokovic. After all, who can resist such a self-made beauty for long!

Diving just got stylish with the upscale Prospex Master Series – the Marinemaster GPS Solar. The titanium body is oh so resistant to corrosion even in the deep waters of the ocean. The ceramic bezel and the distinctive dial hands are superb for impeccable clarity even down under! The boat-shaped watch markers, the marine compass symbolic hour hand and the touches of orange colour that is so reflective of a yacht’s SOS - Every aspect of these watches upholds their inspiration – a racing yacht.

Seiko Chronograph Watch – Your Ever-dependable Stop Watch That Records Time to the T

The Cal. 1939 – the world’s first automatic chronograph watch - ushered in a phenomenon in watch making by paving the path for sheer dominance in chronograph technology. Time was never so precise until these patrons of intricate timekeeping came along to measure the minutest of variations in seconds – all the way up to tenths of a second! The diversified range of the Seiko Chronograph watches is sure to appeal to the most discerning as well the most unpretentious buyer with an enviable series that caters to sporty divers, casual on- the- go masses and the dressy clientele with panache. So much style and such precision – only possible from the lord of innovation – the Seiko!

Seiko 5 – Automate Your Style with Matchless Designs

‘Bold is beautiful’- The Seiko 5 - a reputed series in the Seiko automatic watches - exemplifies this to the core. One look at the steely beauties and you simply can’t take your eyes off them. The glossy look and feel, the edgy design, classy metallic colours of rose gold, gold and silver and an automated day and date function – the renowned series has it all and is tough under the waters too. Who said beauty and sturdy don’t go hand in hand? Not the Seiko 5 for sure!

Seiko Kinetic – More Power in Your Hands

Trust Seiko to break the conventional shackles every time with leading technology that outclasses itself every time. The defining Seiko Kinetic technology emboldened this further with its appearance in 1986 under the flagship of AGM (Automatic Generator System) – the first watch in the world that harnessed the kinetic energy of the very hands that they adorned and converted it to electrical energy. The ground breaking series has since evolved manifolds from the erstwhile Kinetic Auto Relay in 1998 and the Kinetic Perpetual in 2005 to the modern day Velatura – Seiko’s foremost marine sports collection. A tribute to the power in you – the Seiko Kinetic is all about you!

Seiko Watches for Men – You are your own Inspiration

The Seiko man is not afraid to traverse unchartered territories and set his own trends – just like the Seiko watches for men that are meant for the non-conformists who defy all odds. The gorgeous black beauty - the SKA366 Kinetic Watch – is all oomph with a shining titanium-enabled gold tone and black ion finish – befits the quintessential dresser like a dream. If you are a man of all steel, then the SNK793 Stainless Steel Automatic Watch is sure to carve a niche for itself in your hearts with its all-steel glam peppered with a pristine oceanic-blue dial – such a calming beauty with an analog display for ease of viewing. Choose any of the robust Seiko men’s watch – they all have the same story to tell – a story of self-reliance and an ageless masculine appeal.

Seiko Watches for Women – Rediscover the Diva in You

A potent concoction of pure elegance, contemporary design and dazzling crystals - there you go – you have a Seiko Ladies watch shining with glory on your pretty wrists. Chronograph, multi-function or plain purposeful - every one of these glittering timepieces is a joy to behold and an aura to be cherished for eternity. Case in point is the SYM787K Silver Stainless-Steel Automatic Watch that is all glam with a white dial or the very dainty and super stylish Multi Dial Two Tone Watch SKY700P1 that echoes the versatility of a woman or the trendy Womens Bracelet SUJ708P1 that will turn heads with its gold plated stainless steel case and a white mother-of-pearl dial. The Seiko women’s watch series glorifies the urban woman in every aspect. Indomitable will power or understated chic, the Seiko watches for women say it all just like their wearer – the free-spirited woman of today!

Seiko Watches – Leading from the Front Since 1881

The brand heritage of persistent innovation is at the core of the multitude of epoch-making watches that have changed the way the world records time with almost every new Seiko watch heralding the arrival of a new technology in the world of watch making. Automatic, GPS Solar, Kinetic, Mechanical, Quartz, Radio Sync Solar or Spring Drive – the list of path-defying technologies is incessant. The first multi-function Seiko digital watch in 1975 or the 1991 Perpetual Calendar with the world’s first millennium-plus calendar or the 2007 Spring Drive Chronograph – the first in the world to measure elapsed time in a ‘tickless’ glide motion – Seiko watches have been there and done it all in true-blue Seiko style. – Your Search for Seiko Watches Ends with Us

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