Titan Edge Watches

Looking for Titan Edge watches for men or its price in India? Or, want to explore the full Titan Edge Collection to find an Edge watch that will best suit your wrist? At PriceIndiaPrice.com, we help you with every information - right from comparing prices of Titan Edge Watches from best online shopping sites in India to detailed specs of every model.

Note: Titan Edge Watch price list in India (below) for all the models was most recently updated on 27th June, 2017.
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Titan Edge Watches Price in India
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Titan Edge Watches Models and their Price

Titan Edge 1296YM02 White Dial Watch for Men
Available at 5 store(s)
Rs. 10,900 (Rs. 13,795)


EMI: Rs. 973 / month
Titan Edge 1576TL01 Black Dial Watch for Men
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 14,666 (Rs. 17,995)


EMI: Rs. 1309 / month
Titan Edge 2514SL02 Green Dial Watch for Women
Available at 4 store(s)
Rs. 6,297


EMI: Rs. 562 / month
Titan Edge 1595WL03 Brown Dial Watch for Men
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 10,600 (Rs. 11,295)


EMI: Rs. 946 / month
Titan Edge 2514SL01 White Dial Watch for Women
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 6,297


EMI: Rs. 562 / month
Titan Edge NF1044YL04 Silver Dial Watch for Men
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 8,495 (Rs. 10,995)


EMI: Rs. 411 / month
Titan Edge NE1296BM01 White Dial Watch for Men
Available at 3 store(s)
Rs. 9,995 (Rs. 14,495)


EMI: Rs. 484 / month
Titan Edge NH1296BM01 White Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 10,894 (Rs. 13,995)


EMI: Rs. 528 / month
Titan Edge NH1577NL01A Black Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 16,495


EMI: Rs. 799 / month
Titan Edge NH1044YM07 Champagne Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 12,360 (Rs. 13,995)


EMI: Rs. 599 / month
Titan Edge ND1577TL01A Silver Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 16,995


EMI: Rs. 1517 / month
Titan Edge NH1044YM02 Champagne Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 11,225 (Rs. 12,995)


EMI: Rs. 544 / month
Titan Edge 1595WL02 Blue Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 11,295


EMI: Rs. 1008 / month
Titan Edge NH1598SL01 White Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 9,035 (Rs. 11,295)


EMI: Rs. 438 / month
Titan Edge NH1044YL06 White Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 9,495


EMI: Rs. 460 / month
Titan Edge NH1043YL03 Silver Dial Watch for Men
Available at 2 store(s)
Rs. 10,795


EMI: Rs. 523 / month

Important Note:

About Titan Edge Watches in Detail

A watch so thin that it almost feels like second skin...a timepiece so elegant that every other wrist accessory fades in its precincts. If you are wondering if it is a figment of imagination, we bet you haven’t embraced an Edge yet. First introduced in 2002 to cater to the archetypal demand of the present-day fashionable man for an ultra-slim wrist watch with an international look and feel, the legendary Titan Edge watches have since transformed manifolds to go completely androgynous with eclectic geometric shapes that appeal to the modern man and woman alike.

Launched in the market after an extensive research and brainstorming of 4 years, the reputable makers proclaimed to have built the ‘slimmest watch ever in the universe’ with the Titan Edge collection. With a super slim body that is just 3.5 mm thick and a wafer-thin movement of 1.15 mm, the incredibly suave Titan Edge watches have shed oodles of weight to attain the coveted title. No wonder they are the source of envy for many heavy weight contemporaries grappling with a thickness ranging from 8 to 10 mm.

Targeted to strike a chord with the constantly on-the-move, modern day youth, the Titan Edge watches have managed to surprise all with their steely exterior that can survive the perils of water up to 30 metres – a pioneering feature indeed in the realm of slim watches!. Such ingenious design and world-class technology at play - it is only befitting that the Titan Edge collection has earned its rightful place in the Guinness Book of World Records, surpassing the former title holder by a neat 0.45 mm.

So, what makes the Titan flagship such a standout among the rest of the scrawny peers? Let’s have a look:

Titan Edge Watches for Men – Designed for the New Age Sophisticated Man

Paying a tribute to the urban male who loves to live on the edge, the lissom and slender Titan Edge watches have successfully replicated him with their fearless and bold designs that are symbolic of his versatile personality. Heralding the arrival of an ultra-slim statement piece that can keep time and style with equal expertise, the Titan Edge watches for men are an enviable collection in every urban man’s closet – one who lives life on his own terms.

The strong metallic body, awe-inspiring geometric dials and indescribable technical finesse – all have ushered together to make the formidable Titan Edge collection a welcome reality. Not hard to imagine why this petite beauty featured in every possible red carpet event you can think of! Adorned with many titles such as ‘NID Design Excellence Award – Best Styled Product in 2003’, ‘Innovation for India Award – 2008’and the ‘Best Product Design of the Year – Watches and Jewellery’ at the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards amongst many others, the elegant Titan Edge watches are indeed a prized possession to be passed down generations. A size-zero heritage we say!

The Titan Edge Collection – A Powerhouse of Architectural and Technical Marvel

A demure beauty with an in-built quartz movement and a heart that is twice as robust as it could be – only possible from the ingenuity and technical prowess of the Titan brand. Wondering what is the secret behind the sturdy battery? It is the state-of-the-art silicon chip that keeps the lithe masterpiece going by conserving the power and doubling the battery life. The petite timekeeper is all rough and tough with 3 micron tolerance accuracy – way beyond the standard tolerance range of 20 microns....not surprising huh that the meticulous Titan Edge watches possess mind-boggling precision and exactitude?

The latest reed-thin Titan Edge Collection is even lighter and stronger with a tough Titanium case. The sapphire crested scratch proof case will guarantee a lifetime shield from extreme wear and tear. Your time may run out but your Titan Edge sure won’t! The superlative looks are further accentuated with an array of aesthetic choices that encompass distinctive modern, avant-garde, timeless classics and sassy designs with innovative, quirky dials and replete with metallic or leather straps. Easy on the eyes as well on the pockets, the gorgeous stunner is an understated chic to the core!

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